Final Review – This Wednesday

Design Workshop 2012 is presenting our design for the HIGHBRIDGE in_flux this wednesday in the glass corner.

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Meeting @ Pentagram

Today we had the pleasure to sit down with Paula Scher, an incredible designer and partner at Pentagram, at their spectacular office on 5th Avenue. When we arrived we were welcomed with quite the surprise, Jude Law! He was filming a movie in their office.

We set up this meeting to talk with Paula about the application of the NYC Parks logo to the storefront we are designing for Highbridge in_flux. Pentagram is responsible for the new identity of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and we felt it would be helpful to consult them about our design using the logo.

We wanted to apply this oversize graphic to the entrance to help give street presence to the Center. The graphic will draw pedestrians into the center, bringing more life into this historic landmark. Paula loved the way in which we were using the new logo and agreed that this will help strengthen the identity of this recreation center.

We are extremely grateful to have had the chance to meet with Paula Scher and we are excited she strongly approved of our concept and application of the logo.


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Arsenal West – Round 2

We went back to Arsenal West today to present our schematic design proposal for the Highbridge Play Center to New York City’s Parks and Recreation. We got some great feedback from this meeting, especially getting a chance to meet with John Krawchuch, the Director of Historic Preservation. He was able to share with us how the historic landmark process works and if there are any aspects of our design that will conflict with it.



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First Presentation with Parks

Today we had our first presentation with the New York City Parks and Recreation.  Amy, Rahul, and Mike presented on behalf of DWS 2012 to Borough Commissioner, William Castro, and various other Parks and Rec officials. We showed three schemes, each with a different design concept. The designs were well received and they were extremely happy in the direction that we were going. We were given approval to continue with a combination of 2 of the designs. We are excited to get back in the studio and start designing.


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