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Contributor’s Agreement

If these terms are satisfactory, please indicate your consent by signing and dating the Agreement below.

  1. You agree that the Work you are submitting for consideration meets the editorial and academic standards of both the Journal and of the University. You understand that the suitability of your Work for publication in the Journal will be determined by the Editors of the Journal to their best judgment.

  2. You warrant that all Work is original to the Author and no part of it violates the law or infringes upon the rights of others. Should the Work contain copyrighted material of others (especially, but not limited to Images and other Media), the Author has obtained written permission for their republication, and agrees to supply the Editors with this permission upon submission. All appropriate releases should be obtained from persons appearing in Images or other Media. All Images and other Media should be properly identified.
  3. After publication of the Work in the Journal, and upon written request of the Author, permission will be granted for the republication of the Work in any scholarly or professional format, subject to full acknowledgment of first publication by the Journal in the present Edition.
  4. In specific cases and upon agreement by the Editors, the Author may have the opportunity to review edited manuscripts prior to publication. However, if the Author fails to return any material to the Editors by the date agreed upon, the Editors are within rights to proceed with publication without further correction.
  5. Please sign your name and date below to confirm you have read the agreement:

Submit your work to this link with the directions as follows.

Please submit:

  1. text describing your project
  2. images of your work
  3. Bibliography/Citations

Formatting instructions:

  1. Text files should be saved as RTF (.txt).
  2. Images should be saved as JPG/JPEG, 72DPI and no greater than 2000px on the longer side.
  3. Bibliography and notes should each be sent as a separate document from main text. We use endnotes/footnotes style and follow Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed. formatting.

Please upload your work as a .ZIP archive no greater than 10MB in size.

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