container 1 is bound for print!

Our Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of container’s inaugural print issue was a success! From the announcement on Kickstarter:

We’re awed and grateful for the massive amount of support we received over the past couple of days. We’re especially indebted to everyone within the SCE community for their dedication to their own work and that of their peers – container would not be possible without it.

We’d also like to extend a big thanks to all those in our tertiary networks who took a chance on us. Publishing a journal with little to no precedent here is no easy task. The show of support from our wider community has been both encouraging and validating.

Lastly, congratulations to not only the authors included within container 1, but to each student at the SCE for believing in the value of their education and their work. You deserve a place like¬†container to showcase you’re work, and we’re proud to do it.


The rough draft has been completed and is currently in the capable hands of our editors who will complete the final draft this week.

We’ve sent out sample pages to our printer and expect to receive the samples sometime this week, so keep an eye out here and on the Kickstarter page for a preview!

Thanks again to everyone who supported the campaign!