“Anne-Sophie Granger and Jesse Cermak, BFA Interior Design students have been announced as two of the thirteen winners of the Angelo Donghia Foundation 2017 Student Scholarship Program in Interior Design. Their work was selected out of a pool of 69 student projects from accredited interior design institutions across the country. Parsons was the only institution with two recipients. They will each receive $30,000 to be applied to their senior year tuition, books, and supplies. The winners were chosen by a distinguished panel of 14 designers, architects, and journalists.

The Angelo Donghia Foundation provides support for two distinct fields, the advancement of education in the field of interior design; and secondly, initiatives pertaining to the discovery of causes of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and its related diseases and treatments. Since its launch, including the amount to be distributed to the scholarship winners, the Foundation has awarded in excess of $12,500,000 to the above causes.

Congratulations Sophie and Jesse on this great achievement!”

Images courtesy of: Anne-Sophie Granger & Jesse Cermak (appears at top of text).